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Your Space - Refreshed

Brand Name:

Your Space

What do they do?

Student Housing Brand

Where are they available?

Ahmedabad, Banglore, Dehradun, Delhi, Gurgaon, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Noida & Pune according to their website.

Founded by:

Nidhi Kumra, Shubha Lal & Karan Kaushish

Your Space is an Award-winning student housing brand founded in Delhi. Lets dive into Design.

Their old logo was pretty basic, probably a placeholder until when they can invest in branding.

A roof, chimney and 2 brackets maybe? I don't know. No household in India has chimneys, I am not sure why some people find it interesting. There is nothing much to say here. Pretty Basic.

Let's look at the refreshed logo.

ICONS Firstly we see the bright-pop orange which is strong, attractive and young. Reminds me of Fanta and Miranda (Brand recall)



Have you ever visited websites like Fanta, Cocacola, etc? Pepsi did not even make the effort to give Miranda its own website. The website goes to Miranda's Facebook Page. Just Shocking!!


Coming back to Your Space...

The next eye-catchy elements are the four shapes, Almost Circle, Rounded Triangle, the next one I assumed it to be a flower but then I immediately realised its a 'plus' and then finally the obvious Pentagon.

The logo is very playful but balanced by proper typography which complements the icons.

My assumption would be each of the shapes stand for a different USP / highlights of the brand.

Circle: Wholesome and full

Triangle: Security (Just assuming because that is one major issue in India for students)

Plus: Safety in terms of health & hygiene

Pentagon: Community of like-minded people. (Can't have too many corners, would look chaotic)

Better to live here rather than with Uncles and Aunties would probably be the point.

Overall it looks good and is memorable.

TYPEFACE - Just crosses the fine line between a play toy to Student Community

The typeface complements the logo icon here rather than being the same family. Its as though the brand is the shepherd for its customers (the 4 shapes).

If the typeface was also rounded, chubby and playful the brand would have joined the likes of Funskool, Fisher-Price and Toys R Us.

What do you think? Comment below.



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