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Did you know that Subway has a new logo?

Yes, that is true. Subway the worlds largest fast food brand with 44,000 locations in 112 Countries (And yes, they are bigger than McDonald's who follows Subway by 36,000 outlets as of 2016 - 2017) has revamped their logo.

“The Subway brand is recognised throughout the world, and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage”.

Suzanne Greco, President and Chief Executive of Subway

Fresh Forward

Subway has looked at an evolutionary brand refresh retaining its original brand colours (the hues are a bit different but original) and the iconic arrows from the first letter S and the last letter Y. The evolutionary brand refresh is termed as "Fresh Forward" design.

The typography is minimal, bold and modern yet creates a emotional re-call to its customers.

Evolutionary re-branding

Evolutionary re-branding is where a brand's logo is changed or tweaked to grow with the current trends of the market or design language. The important point to be noted in evolutionary design is that the original design language and the emotion of the brand is still retained yet presented in a new light. This retained design language help in brand re-call and brand sustainability in the market. The branding was launched at the Rio Olympics 2016 (Yes, 2016 but yet there is not much of change in the Indian Market) and has received a strong positive feedback from store owners, customers and employees. The work for the re-brand was in talks for couple of years back but has been materialised and launched in 2016.

Apart from the new logo Subway now also has a smaller version which smartly comprises of the arrows and only the letter 'S'

Creating the change

Subway has gone all out in changing the entire look of not only the logo but all that is involved the brand and the customer experience of the brand. Subway has redone everything from Identity, Store signage, new in-store design and wallpapers, quirky new wall illustrations replacing the tomatoes and fresh fruits, new in-store merchandising, packaging of the product, a new digital ordering system, Coca-cola freestyle machines and even the music, exclusively curated for its stores.

Subway has also introduced a fresh vegetable display case from which the vegetables for the submarine sandwiches will be used on a daily basis. People have given a very positive and excited feedback since fresh vegetables shown on TV is now reflecting in the stores as well.

As part of the re-brand new ingredients and sub sandwiches will also be available.

The Hues



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