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Does your logo work for your brand?

There are a lot of good companies out there who provide great service / solution / product to their customers but it is always their own company which is often ignored. All these good companies often have a logo which does not stand up to their own quality or is not a proper representation of their true offering.

Let us talk about this with an example. What do you imagine when you read 'Apple'? You imagine the apple logo and then maybe the phone or the fruit. This is the true effect of a brand.

First of all, let us understand the difference between a brand and a logo. A logo can be a typography, icon / mnemonic, monogram based visual representation of a company. What you visually see with your eyes.

A brand is much more than a visual; it is the emotional connect. A perception. It is both tangible and intangible value bound together. In simpler terms, you create a face when you create a logo but you create a complete person with character and attitude when you create a brand.

Taking the same example, Apple is minimalistic in visual as a logo but as a brand, Apple is synonymous to cutting-edge design and technology, style statement and status quo.

Choosing a logo for the brand you wish to be is something more complex than people generally understand. A logo must be a representation of the product or service, its heritage or one of the key USPs of the company's offering, whichever suits better keeping in mind the future and scalability of the brand.

The logo when designed should not only be creative and unique but also recognizable to the target audience. Creating a logo which is extremely unique or different that half of the TG does not understand it or there is no room for scalability or encompassing all products or services in the same logo are not in the path of creating a good brand or a logo.

A logo must be simple yet so unique that your Target Group should be able to register and recall within a few seconds of seeing it.

One fine example of designing a suitable logo for the industry is TMT Bars / Rods. The predominant assumption among general audience is that the TMT Bars should be so strong that it should not bend easily which you will know is absolutely wrong if you are in the same industry. TMT bars are supposed to bend and it is considered as a good product only when it does. What a TMT bar shouldn't do is break when it is being bent, only then it is considered a unsuitable product for construction.

Designing a logo with USP(s) of a TMT bar might look odd but it is not targeted at a layman but a person who is involved in purchasing the TMT Bars and probably one who is in the construction industry and understands the product.

So a logo must be designed for the brand and the TG only but again this rule does not apply for all scenarios.

Quite often these mistakes are made by many companies and invariably most of these companies find it difficult to scale-up as a brand. Even when they manage to scale-up with much difficulty, they often regret having their old logo by which time their logo is too out there and established that it becomes a huge task to do a brand refresh

We at Eighty Twenty Design and Communication understand the art of creating a brand through a logo. We are here not only to create brands but create impressions, impacts. We have a unique process of design thinking and approach which sets us apart from others.


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