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Firefox Refreshed

Firefox has a refreshed look this 2017. Apart from the main Firefox identity, Mozilla has created a Brand Hierarchy of sorts for its different products catering to different people under Firefox. Currently Firefox has 3 different products under it,

1. Firefox Developer Edition

2. Firefox Focus

3. Firefox Nightly Build


The earlier logo appears to be a bit washed out in terms of colours in comparison with the new refreshed look. The refreshed look is more minimal in detailing and the number of colours is also simplified giving it a contemporary look. The 'fox' in the logo has lost a lot of its details like the snout, the edges of its tail and it is replaced with minimal gradients. The fox's fur on the outer and inner edges are curved neatly removing much of its details to make it more refined and simple. Earlier there was a bit of detailing in the globe behind, showing some continents but now the entire globe is filled only with gradients of blue.


At first look you will notice that the entire typeface is a lot more thinner and structured. The typeface has been re-done not from scratch but refined to meet the contemporary look. The old diagonal edges on the typeface has been replaced with straight horizontal or vertical edges. The curves on the letters 'f' and 'r' have been simplified to meet the reduction in thickness and straight edges of the other letters.

Continuing this refreshed look, Firefox Developer Edition, Firefox Focus and Firefox Nightly Build follows the same basic logo refinements with a major colour twist creating a nice Brand Hierarchy.

Overall the entire Firefox family looks nice and vibrant. Let us know what you feel about the new logo.

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Focus

Firefox Nightly Build

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