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You probably are thinking Why '8020' and What is it?

The name ‘8020' takes root in the Pareto Principle, which claims that 20 percentof the input or efforts lead to 80 percent of the output or consequences. We draw much of our work ethos from this principle, although we’d like to adapt it to match our own; for us, success is 80 percent planning and 20 percent execution.

Experience coupled with a young, vibrant mind. A paradox? No--that’s 8020. With its youth comes a fresh dynamic and out-of-the-box thought process, as well as hands-on experience in the branding and designing world that ensures execution with precision. We understand ‘new’, we understand ‘lateral.’ What’s more, we also understand ‘mature.’ This irresistible combination is what sets us apart from the others.​

8020 aims to move in tandem with the gears of the ever changing world of brands, evolving to plot progress and chart success.

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are probably thinking about 'What we do"

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